The Eco-friendly Bike inventor

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Tejaswini is that 14-year-old from Odisha who has invented an eco-friendly two-wheeler which can propel on air. With just 10 kg of compressed air, the bicycle can run up to 60 km. An Eco-friendly invention like this can be of great use, especially during these times, when we are looking for ways to reduce the global warming.
By turning the knob, the air is let from the cylinder to the air gun placed near the paddle. This rotates the gear using six different blades. That’s how the bicycle in motion.
The idea occurred to her when she was at a bicycle repair shop.She observed how a simple air gun was used to detangle knots in a bicycle tyre which made her believe that she could use the similar technique to run a bicycle. With the support of her father, she carried out many experiments on bicycles at her home.
This invention of her’s can save a lot of fuel if implemented. It could eventually reduce the threat to the environment.


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