Solar Suresh: One-man army!

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Meet the man who has built a self-sustainable house that satisfies all his needs. Solar power is transforming energy production around the world. People are choosing to move to solar power in many countries like China, Japan, Germany, and the United States, likewise Indians are also changing their lifestyle to use solar power as a source of energy.

The mastermind behind this revolution in India is Suresh. A resident of Kilpauk, D. Suresh graduated from IIT-Madras and IIM-Ahmedabad. Popularly known as Solar Suresh, the gentleman started his career as a marketing executive in textile companies where he exponentially rose to become the MD of a textile group.

He starts his mornings by brewing coffee on a stove, which runs on bio-gas, before reading a newspaper under fans powered by a solar plant. Lunch and dinner comprise of organic veggies grown in his lush roof-top kitchen garden.

He says he doesnt exactly remember when he thought of the idea, but later asserts that the seed was planted in his mind during the numerous business trips he took to Germany about 20 years ago. There, he was so impressed with people using solar plants for their everyday activities that when he came back to India, he decided to implement it by designing a self-sustainable house.

The one-man army has pledged to take his idea to every homes , institutions and organizations through education and constant persuasion.

Imagine every home in the country that is self-sustainable and eco-friendly!


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