Have You Played Overwatch?

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Blizzard Entertainment games have been around for years. Most people recognize this company from their RTS game Starcraft series and MMORPG Diablo Series. But Blizzard had a bold movement by releasing Overwatch, their “first” FPS game. This game flew under my radar until I purchased the Origins version in September 2016. At that time, “Ana” had come as the new hero, as well as my first favorite hero.

Frankly, the first time I played this game, it attracted me in million ways. I love the graphics, game modes, characters, and the interaction with the other team mates. No matter what character I choose, there is always fun to be had. I only play this twice or three times a week, and it has not disappointed me yet. In addition, the new hero “Sombra” is one of the reasons I won’t leave this game yet. I am really curious about what Blizzard will do in the next day, weeks, and months.

I am pretty straightforward here. I watched few of their short animations. None of them worked on me. I am not really interested in this game storyline or so. But knowing that there are 23 heroes that are playable in many game modes, I will not be bored so soon. These heroes are the essence of the Overwatch. The multiplayer-based first person shooter usually come with different classes. But Overwatch is more than that! Each character has specific abilities to a match and can really cooperate well during the combat. Not to mention that each character has hard counter, allowing all players play in high dynamicity and various strategies. I love the ideas that we can switch to other heroes if we think our current heroes won’t work. In Quick Play mode, the things are really interesting. Since it is multiplayer games, the chances of win will depend on how good our team is cooperating.

Each character has their own weakness and strengths, so it is up to player to utilize the skills and cover their weaknesses. Each of 23 characters has comprehensive abilities which can suit in specific situations or strategies. For defending, for instance, “Torbjorn” turrets are great weapon to prevent flankers like “Genji” or “Pharah” breaking down the backlines of the team. For offense, “Reinhardt” is great for protecting his offensive teammates by using his powerful shield. There are a lot of things can happen in Overwatch. With total 23 heroes and hundreds of skills, it is not an ordinary FPS game. The maps and gaming modes are really fun to play on. They look nice and modern.

I am bad at shooting, that’s why I never play CS Go. Since the commencing of Overwatch in my life, I am an FPS player now. Believe it or not, you can be a good FPS gamer although you are bad at shooting and aiming. Some of heroes do not require aiming to excellently play them.


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