More than just a sport.

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Cricket in Jamaica is a souvenir by the British colonialism. In the past, cricket was considered a sport played by the elite, as in the game was first played in Jamaica only by the upper classes. Over time, however, Jamaicans from all social backgrounds began to play the game, and today, it is thriving throughout the Caribbean at all levels.

The game is so now so popular in the country that it’s become more of a tradition and every game is celebrated as a festival. People of all ages favour playing on the beaches under the bright sun with the wind blowing through their hair and the crowd singing ‘Sun is shining…’

It is the most popular sport on the island, and for years, the West Indies cricket team was the best in the world, led by the game’s all-time greats such as Chris Gayle, Courtney Walsh, Michael Holding and George Headley to name a few.

Cricket continues to be popular with Jamaicans and is known for their unique celebratory dances in the game that thoroughly entertain its audiences.


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