Nagari to Silicon Valley: Journey of an entrepreneur.

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Vinoth is a successful entrepreneur and the founder of FreshersGo, a free online Job portal for the numerous job seekers. I happened to meet him when I attended an event for Entrepreneurs in Bangalore back in July 2016. He is one guy who has had to work very hard to reach the position he is in now. Vinoth’s FreshersGo has helped a lot of people to get jobs without any remuneration. The feat he has achieved is astonishing as he had to endure various hardships while he was trying to make something out of his life.
Vinoth’s roots goes back to a small village on the Andhra- Tamil Nadu border. He was born in a village called Nagari in Chittoor district, Andhra Pradesh. His educational life was tough. There was no means of transportation so he had to walk approximately five kilometers to reach his school. His studies in the government school were aided by full scholarship.
After graduating from school, he got into a college to study B.tech. He took 5.5 years to complete his B.tech because he did not have enough cash to register for a couple semesters. He even worked in a bakery to raise the much needed fees. Once he graduated, he tried to find jobs but to no avail. It was at this point that a few of his friends encouraged him to start his own venture and this is how FreshersGo came into existence.
Today, Vinoth has a stable job and is happy. If someone asks him what he wants to do in future, he says “I just want to help people who are brilliant but are having a hard time finding a job. I want them to start working and improve the country’s economy. Maybe then, people might opt to work in India rather than abroad”.
Vinoth is an amazing soul and a true Inspiration. ‘Never give up’ is his motto and he is living his life accordingly. Kudos to you Vinoth. Hope you achieve more success and fulfill your dreams.


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