007plus T5 Plus Fitness Tracker

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007 plus T5 plus Fitness Tracker is one of the best health sleep monitoring Pedometer with activity tracker wristband which is light weighted and waterproof band with smart looking and shiny Black color Remote Capture Tracker that is flexible to wear and use.
This Smart Bracelet can display the time, steps, distances and total amount of calories burned in 24 hours clearly. 007 plus is good looking watch type tracker that is easy to wear on the wrist and give accurate time to the user and there is no need to wear watch (extra) on your wrist.
It can count your steps that how many steps you have walked or how long you have traveled. We know walking is the best exercise for our health and now a day’s maximum of people like to walk as their exercise and for this everyone has a goal to fulfill their daily target. 007 plus fitness tracker will help you to reach your target point like 10k everyday by counting your steps and distances you have moved through the whole day. And it also serves your daily sports data by pairing your device with Bluetooth connectivity that syncs your sports data automatically.
T5 plus fitness tracker can monitor your movement like sleep monitoring that will give you the information about your sleeping conditions (Including light sleep and deep sleep) and time period you have slept throughout the whole night. This tracker will help you to wake up in the morning by providing smart alarm for its good Fitness Tracker Accuracy.
007 plus smart tracker has push reminder option that support Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, Skype, Message etc. information to remind and it has indicator light also. And when you have Calls or SMS, this smart bracelet will vibrate to remind you. This smart watch remote capture option can take photos of your whole family without any other help; you just have to use Remote Capture function to get this opportunity. 007 plus fitness tracker has the special function of “Looking Phone” that will help you to find your phone if you can’t find your phone but you must have to use the “Looking Phone” option to do it.
Fast delivery with beautiful and sleek design. I have a superior wrist and it is comfortable. Easy to use, fairly accurate. Syncs quickly and shows messages promptly. Long battery life. I would definitely feel confident enough to buy again, or gift.
007 plus has long battery life of 5 to 7 days with a single charge and it takes hardly 50 minutes to be filled up. This tracker is compatible with android and iOS phones and devices by using app.
If you have any query about Fitness Tracker Accuracy please contact with us at www.ithealthfitness.com


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