The golden Heart

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My next journey was Hampi, the land of architecture. I was super excited to be there. I had checked my list, and prepared to the best of my knowledge.

During the journey from the city of Bangalore to Hampi, i lost my bag which had my passport and Every other document. I panicked and went to the police station. Within no time i had to register a complaint. After the sun set, i sat down on a bench nearby wondering my next move. As i sat bewildered, I recognised a known voice. Dinesh was the bus conductor who helped me with direction at the Hampi Bus stand. He came running to me holding my bag in his hand. I Was overjoyed at this sight. I tried to thank him with money, but he very politely refused. I tried forcing him to take it, but his adamant dint give way. When I inquired about why he refused to take money all he ever said was “Athithi Devo Bhava”. Only when i came back home, after a bit of google and searching i found the meaning. He meant that “our guest is our god”.

I salute the spirit of Dinesh and many other Dineshs who believe that a guest is their god. I hope to visit Dinesh when i go to India next time. This time making sure i pay him.
He usually is on the bus from Bangalore to Hampi, the one which leaves at 8.30PM


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