The London Dungeon

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Being a model, I know how makeup and costume transforms people. This London Dungeon that I had been to, adds to the above statement. The actors of London Dungeon just take you to the time and place making you experience how certain events were.
The London dungeon is a tourist attraction which portrays various macabre historical events. The events are acted out with a touch of humour keeping the sad or painful experiences as the soul of the place. It has various rides and special effects along with a set of actors who act out the events.
The dungeon was opened in the year 1974 which included characters like Boudicca, Mary Tudor and Thomas Beckett. The London Dungeon which was earlier owned by the Kunick Leisure Group was sold to Vardon in 1992. In 1999 after the management buyout, Vardon became the Merlin Entertainments Group. It is said that London’s first indoor water ride was installed in the London Dungeon.
The London Dungeon was designed to be a museum for the macabre history, which then transformed to an interactive experience led by actors. It was first located in the Tooley street and later in 2013, it moved to a new location in County Hall. With around 18 shows and three rides it has been successful in attracting tourists.
The tourists are taken almost 1000 years back to the London history while the actors perform as the infamous characters like Jack the Ripper and Sweeney Todd. Events like the Black Death and the Gunpowder Plot are staged using special effects. It includes characters like ‘The Torturer’, ‘The Plague Doctor’, and ‘The Judge’ played by the actors. The tourists or guests are encouraged to take part in the shows. A free fall ride called the ‘Drop ride to doom’ adds to the chilly experience.
The London Dungeon is one of the eight dungeons that are spread all over Europe. If you find the grim history interesting, this place is a must visit. With all the rides that take you around the exhibits, I’m sure you won’t get a moment of boredom here.


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