Not all heroes wear a cape.

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Chandy Abraham is your normal 9 to 5 working guy at Volvo, India but with a twist. He is the joint treasurer of ‘Sanman Society’. It is an initiative to help children who are suffering from cancer. He comforts the parents who bring their children from far off villages and also spends time with children who don’t even know what cancer is, cheering them up. He also goes around collecting money to provide these children with various medical necessities such as Blood, Medicine, Bone marrow injection etc.

He served in the army till the year 2000. Post retirement, he started working for Volvo. In his spare time he stared this service. When asked about his service, he patiently explains “people pray to God for a reason. They want to be comforted. So how does God work? He works through us. WE have to be the hand of God, the Voice of God. Just like Ganesha has a rat to help him, I want to be the Donkey of Jesus Christ. I want to help everyone I can”.

I just wish that everyone could incorporate this outlook in their life. If we all start to help each other, we can eliminate the negativity in this world. Thank you sir for doing this. You have inspired me to be a better person and I am sure many others will follow suit. I wish you all the best. If you have met him or know people like him, do use the ‘Write More’ tool and let the world know!


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