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Kutya or Kutia is a traditional cereal dish served in Ukraine, Russia, Belarus and some parts of Poland. It’s an essential dish served at the Christmas Eve in Ukraine. The ingredients used for this dish are wheatberries, poppy seeds and honey which make it a sweet dish. Dried fruits and raisins could be added too. Being the Lenten dish, egg products and milk cannot be added to it. Some kutia recipes use pearl barley instead of the wheatberries.
wheatberries, poppy seeds and honey. At times, walnuts, dried fruit and raisins are added as well. Kutia is a Lenten dish and no milk or egg products can be used. There are known kutia recipes that use pearl barley instead of wheatberries.
Kutia is used in a number rituals performed in the Christmas Eve. Out of the 12 dishes served for Sviata Vecheria, Kutia is the first. Atleast a spoonful of Kutia should be eaten by everyone present at the time. Earlier, the head of the household with the use of kutia, could foretell if the harvest of the coming year would be plentiful. He could also bargain with the forces of nature to ask for good weather.
If you ever visit Ukraine, do taste this dish.


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