Ever smiling watchman of Jayanagar

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Karan Thapa is a watchman at the Empire hotel in Jayanagar 3rd block working from 9.00 Am to 1.00 Am. Yes, a 16-hour shift most of us would decline first hand. Why is he being featured? Well, for his smile! He is the only person in the restaurant who puts on that beautiful smile be it at 9.00 am or 12.00 am of the day.
He shifted to Bengaluru seven years back with 200 Rs and a desperate hope to feed his family back home. He later worked at five different food joints to sustain himself and his family. Karan has three kids who attend school in his native. When I caught up with him and enquired about his dreams, he said: “My dreams are my kid’s dreams”.
Despite his struggles to lead a comfortable life in Bengaluru, he oozes with positivity. The intriguing fact about Karan is his affection towards everyone who visits the place. He makes it a point to greet them, wish them and send them home smiling. He says “who knows what problems people are going through. I can’t decide in what mood they come in, but I can influence how they leave”.
For all those who thought being a watchman was an easy task, need a serious tutoring lesson from Karan. Often, he is seen coaching the junior watchmen on the basics of etiquettes and manners which is something that he has learned through experience.
As I turned to leave, he looked at me and told “sir, please smile and make others smile. This is more precious than any wealth in the world”. His words echo in my head till date.
We salute the positive attitude of Karan Thapa and wish to see him excel in whatever he chooses. He is a true inspiration to many who feel their life is not as good as the next person.
If you have seen him or met him, then smash that ‘Write More’ button and let me know. He is truly worth all the recognition.


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