Tree branch to Golf stick

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From a daily wage worker to India’s top golfer – Meet Chikkarangappa.

Born in an underprivileged family, he didn’t let poverty decide his future. Instead, at a very early age, Chikka decided to help his family. He joined a golf resort as a wage worker to earn a paltry Rs.50 per day.

As he saw more fortunate people play, he had an instant liking towards the sport. Although at that point he knew he couldn’t afford the game of the rich, his love for Golf made him follow and hoped to possibly make it big one day.

He would watch the members play for hours and hours together. On one such day, he decided to give it a try and made golf stick out of a tree branch as he couldn’t afford a proper one. Chikka gave it a few swings. A few months later, he bought his very own golf stick out of his nominal savings and started practicing.

During a similar routine evening practice, his dedication towards the game was finally noticed by one of the members of the resort who happened to be a coach. Later that night, Chikkarangappa was approached by Vijay Dhivecha (the coach) and asked him if he would like to take the game professionally. This came as a big surprise to him as it was completely unexpected. He was initially reluctant to the offer because of the background he was from, but eventually agreed. From then on, there was no turning back for him.

He even had to quit schooling to pursue a full-time coaching in the field. It has been a true fairy tale for Chikkarangappa ever since. All the hard work has finally paid off, as he has started winning big and in turn has become a role model to people from all walks of life.

Let us congratulate this superstar and wish him immense success. Hit the ‘Write More’ option below and tell us of any such stories that have inspired you.


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