What Happens at the Salon Du Chocolat

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On the day of festivl Contests of Best Chocolate Travel Cake, Best International Cocoa and there’ll also be a Chocolate Sculpture are held followed by Fashion show , but with a twist, at the Chocolate Fashion show.
The Chocolate Bookshop is another cool spot – you can get your chocolate-themed cookbooks signed by authors and be part of the book reading session.French celebrities join the renowned chefs at the ovens to discuss their favourite desserts and recipes. This year you’ll find Chloé Saada and her famous cupcakes, Hugues Pouget dessert champion from Hugo&Victor and Christophe Felder the famed pastry chef and writer, among others.
Its a feast for Chocolate lovers but don’t worry if you’re dieting or you’re diabetic – there are also plenty of sugar-free options too.


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