Voice of the mute

Sourabh Nimbkar is a normal 23 year old boy who takes the local train every morning around 8 Am at the Chatrapathi Shivaji Terminal, Mumbai. His destination is never set, but his vision is. I, During my usual visit to Mumbai traveled the same route fortunately. I saw this young man, with a guitar and confidence signing his heart out. He sang and sang till i think the last stop came. He seemed educated and well off, yet he kept singing and taking money from everyone who offered.
After a while i asked him why he took to trains and singing. His answer till date makes me want to clinch my self. He said and i quote “I do this everyday to collect money for cancer patients. I donate all the money to an NGO in Thane(an area in Mumbai) which helps cancer patients. My mother is a cancer patient and i know what a family undergoes to get the treatment done”.
I was left motionless and tearful. I was moved by what a 23 year old can do, in his minimal capacity. Hats off to the spirit and motive. I put whatever money i had, and got down. Hope he is yet doing what he was. I wish to meet him again..

If anybody has ever met him on the Daadar to Amberwali Local, please let me know.

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