The ultimate place for all craftsmen and artists

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Despite being home to 300 businesses, studios, and facilities, the destination still retains an old-fashioned, timeless feeling. Craftsmen and artists take up residence here, and its clear that the tradition of apprenticeship and mastery is alive and well. You can see it in the detail of a ceramic bowl or the gentle curve of a freshly blown glass vase, the intricacy of a piece of jewelry or the flick of a painters brush. Still, the influx of artists is a relatively new occurrence. Granville Islands architecture, much of which comprises remodeled warehouses, the whisper of the islands industrial past. There are still cranes and rail tracks around, subtle tributes to its days cranking out manufactured goods. In the less visited areas of the island, you might hear a glimpse of it—little clinks of iron against iron, the whirring of engines.


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