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I remember during my boards, I used to be stressed all the time. So my father suggested a book by the name, “The Alchemist”. Being an avid reader, I got a copy of the book as soon as I got my hands in it.
I cant explain what happened next. I was teleported into another world as I devoured the contents of each page with increasing vigour. The way he has written this book is amazing. A gripping plot with a bit of psychology thrown in. an interesting mix and one which works.

His novel, The Alchemist has been translated into 80 different languages and over 200 million copies of the book as been sold worldwide till date. But The Alchemist isnt the only book he has written. His other books like “the winner stands alone” , “the witch of Portobello” and “Zahir” are equally brilliant. I recommend every one to read each of his books because they all are completely different yet have a sense of familiarity abut them.

Paulo Coelho gave me a new direction in life and I hope you guys read it also.


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